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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Warning For You

The world has seen new innovations in modern equipment from Apple, and after some time on hold, many people began to buy modern equipment released to the public. Apple made great gadget is called Nike + iPod Sports Kit, a wireless package that allows you to communicate between a pair of Nike gym shoes and a iPod Nano.

Price Nike + iPod Sports Kit more than U.S. $ 200, but it is not a problem, because you will be running for health, also for fun. That need to worred, some researchers from the University of Washington found negative effects from the use of Nike + iPod Sports Kit. Your health is not disturbed, because the wireless transmission of digital this will not injure you at all, but the ability nirkabelnya can negatively affect your privacy because the influence of spy equipment and spy tool and can reveal the location where you are on the other people who are hidden spy, and others who become hidden spy may not have a good intention.

If you think only an expert who is able to track your presence with a tracking tool, you should think again, because the researchers from the University of Washington can easily make some peranti digital tool for detecting and tracking the sensor Nike + iPod Sports Kit, and they do not using sophisticated spy equipment owned by the CIA. A Nike + iPod receiver, a mobile spy placed in the Windows XP laptop, an inexpensive security device using the gumstix computers are available, second-generation Intel Mote and Microsoft SPOT Watch, even the Google Maps web application can become a tool used to spy and detect where you are.

Firefox, IE Weak
IE and Firefox on a reverse as a Cross-site Request (RSCR), spy phone weakness found by Robert Chapin. Weakness can create dangerous hacker password and user name to provide users with a fake login form.

Firefox Password Manager automatically saves the password entered by the user in the form. Data is then automatically sent to spy a mobile computer without the user hacker. This can be slit in the social networking site, and it is very dangerous for users who use the blog or forum that allows the use of HTML code.

According to security agencies, Netcraft, fake login page is created by the hacker on the server there is the source of IE and Firefox. No improvement of Mozilla at the time this paper is made, although there have been reported in the cleft Firefox.Ada that you disable the "Remember passwords for sites" in the Firefox preferences because it can become a spy phone.

Hack ATM with MP3 Player
Geng a criminal in the UK can steal important data with the bank how to hack ATM with the MP3 player. According to The Times London, geng the target ATM the quiet visitor then tap the phone lines between ATM and the power socket in a way to put two-way adapter to the ATM and MP3 player. MP3 player will then record the data traffic, the voice sounded like traditional computer modem when in conection

Voters will be translated by using a modem or network tapper can also use certain software. Geng coffee can create a credit card and credit card is up to U.S. $ 380,000. Crime through the Internet and other digital devices will increasingly popularity, there is no one you better be careful.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Will Computers Cars have virus ..?

The development of this second car to run very fast. Start of construction, testing, to slide on the road, the car is not released from the touch of a computerized system. ECU system of the car was indeed include a mini computer. Then if the computer system on the car can fell ill as the virus often occur in the notebook, PC (Personal Computer), PDAs and even mobile phone?

During a secret anymore, this is not a virus can easily damage the data on the computer, both located in the hard disk or network system. Damage caused can be fatal, in addition to missing important data, the hardware has also damaged. Can be when the virus attacks the car seberat two tons or more that are currently running, suddenly lost all control functions. Threat of fatal accidents can occur.

As from Russia
Start the car can be a concern fell ill virus would occur in 2005. When the multiple sites such as,, and proclaim incentive analysis Eugene Kaspersky, Head of IT Kaspersky Lab Researchers from Russia revealed that the navigation system on the Lexus are very prone to virus fell ill. He emphasized the virus can come from the car Bluetooth ™ mobile phone. Virus that can attack on car navigation systems, especially the type Lexus LX470, LS430, and Land Cruiser 100.

Despite already have anti-virus software, Kaspersky did not want to hurry to install the system. He has not been a good time. "We will not hurry, because sooner or later will be many cars that the onboard computer and a lot of hackers will be interested to attack, so the virus will develop the car in various types," yakinnya.

Kaspersky said the GPS navigation system is very easy to attack. If this does not prevent the manufacturer of the automobile, its impact is very chilling. "Some of the features that are on the phone would be frightening. Try to imagine if this attack onboard computer in the car dashboard, "the message.

Toyota Sangkal virus Cabir
Analysis of the Kaspersky virus called Cabir that car, get a serious reaction from the Lexus. Even as Toyota parent company considers it must be proved. From the results of the research conducted, Cabir can not attack the computer navigation system on the car. The reason for the basic navigation operating system is very different from the mobile phone. "So far, only a estimation and up to now Kaspersky can not show evidence of accurate Cabir virus that has attacked the Lexus," said Toyota spokesman.

Toyota also added a difference in the operating system that cause the virus Cabir will not move. "Operating system on mobile phone use while Symbian Windows-based car navigation. So impossible ignites, "these tangkis spokesman.

Apart from the warning Kaspersky or business behind the effort is, hopefully it will be the appearance of virus analisanya car does not become reality until whenever.

Alarm For Motorcycle

At the time of this theft of motor vehicles is very high that both motor vehicles and four-wheel two-wheel vehicles. Theft can occur anywhere, whether posted on the home grounds, the parking lot and inside the house we sendiri.Oleh therefore to prevent or secure the vehicle we need the security, one of them is to use / install Stealth Alarm Motor Brand


Stealth Alarm Motor Brand is working to protect the two-wheel vehicles from theft.


Benefits & usefulness of Stealth Alarm Motor Brand is as follows:

Protecting the vehicle -
two-wheel vehicles from
Motor can be turned on -
with remote alarm with
distance of 50 meters.


-Auto/Manual Lock

tired or forget fear
alarm bike lock?
Do not worry, STEALTH
can be programmed to
lock automatically each
key contact is turned off.


Although the key
original, without the remote motor
and can not distarter
sirine akan ring
loud. So it does not
need to worry though
key duplicated by
other people.


At the time of going
seizure, simply press
the key to the remote
shut off the engine and
sirine the vote.

Alarm-key contact

With the program can
activate the alarm
if the contact was damaged.


Equipped sensor gear &
machine, so the starter
does not work if the teeth
not in a neutral position
or engine is
rotates, so that safe for
machine and the children.


If you do not like the
sound, can STEALTH
operated with the mode
silent and you can
know the status
sein's security lights.

Advanced and easy -

figure study 123
In design with the function
compact and easy

- $25 /pcs, already
including pairs of field
for your area
Jakarta, Depok,
Tanggerang and Bekasi.
Installation is done
1 (one) day after


One-year warranty.
How to install-all
brand motor.
Equipped with a remote -
reserves and how
the installation.
USA-adopted technology.

( only in the selling in Indonesia )

Friday, May 1, 2009

Car Tracking Tool

Of late motor vehicle theft increased. Data from the National Criminal detective for the Police Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia, the theft in 2005 increased more than twice the number of thefts in the previous year, to reach 45,316 cases. Meanwhile, from January to April 2006 only 8695 theft has occurred.

Prevention efforts are usually adopted by most car owners is to install an alarm. However, not infrequently with gang criminals dipersenjatai firearm, and to seize the car owner's vehicle. When you are so, your vehicle can be easily was, stripped, and the fix for re-sale in the regions far from the city.

To avoid this, a tool called Tramigo T21 is able to track the position of your vehicle. Portable vehicle tracking tool is the first released by a Finnish company, Tramigo, January, and already sold in Indonesia since two months ago.

Shape and size, such as piece burger. Thickness 4.5 centimeters, 9.3 centimeters berdiameter, with the weight only 150 grams. T21 can be installed on the car dashboard, but more often are placed in hidden places, like under the car seat.

To turn it on, it must be input to the source of electricity from a battery or car battery connected to a battery backup (included in the sales package), which each lasted for approximately dicas it can survive up to two days.

In addition to tracking the position of the vehicle, T21 can tell when the vehicle engine is turned on or you're a tool peminta help in emergency situations. He also serves as the recorder can track a vehicle passed by us, give us a warning when exceed the speed limit is specified, or a warning when the vehicle acceleration to excessive speed.

This technology using global positioning system (GPS) and network operating throughout the global system for mobile communication (GSM). He certainly did not involve a third party telecommunications or service, you only need a SIM card (from any operator), to communicate with GSM mobile phone owner of a vehicle, which has been measuring 8 megabita software.

To find out the position, speed, and direction of your vehicle, Tramigo software provides features in the Find menu. When we select the feature, in a flash, the screen will give you the text message about the speed, direction, and the existence of our car.

To make it as a warning, we must enable the T21 features Ignition, by typing, "Iginition, on". When we park the vehicle in a place, and the vehicle was stolen, when the vehicle engine switched on, akan T21 mobile phone to send a message to us.

If we want to record the path of vehicles that we skip, we also need to activate the Journey to the T21 mobile phone through us. Then, automatically, a tool that will record the coordinates-the coordinates for the position every 20 seconds, or half a minute (can be changed in accordance with the selection).

Well, in emergency situations, such as a car accident, this tool can be used to send messages automatically request assistance, to four the number of GSM we want. Easy to do, stay and press a button on the side of the T21 for two seconds. For each text before the exchange of information, good credit and credit T21 phone will be reduced in accordance with the cost of short messages (SMS) apply.

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