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Saturday, June 20, 2009


When I first saw this guy using the Rescue Reel, I couldn’t help but think that he was some sort of Daredevil. That, or the photographer used that same effect from the old Batman show where they turn the camera on the side and Adam West and Burt Ward climb up the building without straining their arms and legs.

The Rescue Reel is designed for the user to hook the Rescue Reel in a secure place, put on the harness, and they lower themselves down with automatically controlled centrifugal braking. I would imagine that the experience would be like repelling down a mountain cliff, except it probably won’t be fun if you ever really had to use it.

Still, designer Kevin Stone is clearly on the right track when it comes saving lives from tall buildings. Something tells me that it was designed to combat the horrific images that we still have from the Trade Center Tower attacks. Unless someone designs the next 100 story building with massive fire escapes, history will repeat itself when disaster befalls a skyscraper again.

Of course, this is one device that had better have plenty of line, and designed to hold some overweight people. Also, do you really want to be in an emergency situation where you have to learn how to use it in the next few seconds, or else you will die?

I am guessing that OSHA would be all over these devices if they ever become reality. I would also imagine that Rescue Reels would be located on the walls under red-framed glass, like firehoses or axes.

Yeah, I can see a definite future for the Rescue Reel, and it can give others a future.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Warning For You

The world has seen new innovations in modern equipment from Apple, and after some time on hold, many people began to buy modern equipment released to the public. Apple made great gadget is called Nike + iPod Sports Kit, a wireless package that allows you to communicate between a pair of Nike gym shoes and a iPod Nano.

Price Nike + iPod Sports Kit more than U.S. $ 200, but it is not a problem, because you will be running for health, also for fun. That need to worred, some researchers from the University of Washington found negative effects from the use of Nike + iPod Sports Kit. Your health is not disturbed, because the wireless transmission of digital this will not injure you at all, but the ability nirkabelnya can negatively affect your privacy because the influence of spy equipment and spy tool and can reveal the location where you are on the other people who are hidden spy, and others who become hidden spy may not have a good intention.

If you think only an expert who is able to track your presence with a tracking tool, you should think again, because the researchers from the University of Washington can easily make some peranti digital tool for detecting and tracking the sensor Nike + iPod Sports Kit, and they do not using sophisticated spy equipment owned by the CIA. A Nike + iPod receiver, a mobile spy placed in the Windows XP laptop, an inexpensive security device using the gumstix computers are available, second-generation Intel Mote and Microsoft SPOT Watch, even the Google Maps web application can become a tool used to spy and detect where you are.

Firefox, IE Weak
IE and Firefox on a reverse as a Cross-site Request (RSCR), spy phone weakness found by Robert Chapin. Weakness can create dangerous hacker password and user name to provide users with a fake login form.

Firefox Password Manager automatically saves the password entered by the user in the form. Data is then automatically sent to spy a mobile computer without the user hacker. This can be slit in the social networking site, and it is very dangerous for users who use the blog or forum that allows the use of HTML code.

According to security agencies, Netcraft, fake login page is created by the hacker on the server there is the source of IE and Firefox. No improvement of Mozilla at the time this paper is made, although there have been reported in the cleft Firefox.Ada that you disable the "Remember passwords for sites" in the Firefox preferences because it can become a spy phone.

Hack ATM with MP3 Player
Geng a criminal in the UK can steal important data with the bank how to hack ATM with the MP3 player. According to The Times London, geng the target ATM the quiet visitor then tap the phone lines between ATM and the power socket in a way to put two-way adapter to the ATM and MP3 player. MP3 player will then record the data traffic, the voice sounded like traditional computer modem when in conection

Voters will be translated by using a modem or network tapper can also use certain software. Geng coffee can create a credit card and credit card is up to U.S. $ 380,000. Crime through the Internet and other digital devices will increasingly popularity, there is no one you better be careful.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Will Computers Cars have virus ..?

The development of this second car to run very fast. Start of construction, testing, to slide on the road, the car is not released from the touch of a computerized system. ECU system of the car was indeed include a mini computer. Then if the computer system on the car can fell ill as the virus often occur in the notebook, PC (Personal Computer), PDAs and even mobile phone?

During a secret anymore, this is not a virus can easily damage the data on the computer, both located in the hard disk or network system. Damage caused can be fatal, in addition to missing important data, the hardware has also damaged. Can be when the virus attacks the car seberat two tons or more that are currently running, suddenly lost all control functions. Threat of fatal accidents can occur.

As from Russia
Start the car can be a concern fell ill virus would occur in 2005. When the multiple sites such as,, and proclaim incentive analysis Eugene Kaspersky, Head of IT Kaspersky Lab Researchers from Russia revealed that the navigation system on the Lexus are very prone to virus fell ill. He emphasized the virus can come from the car Bluetooth ™ mobile phone. Virus that can attack on car navigation systems, especially the type Lexus LX470, LS430, and Land Cruiser 100.

Despite already have anti-virus software, Kaspersky did not want to hurry to install the system. He has not been a good time. "We will not hurry, because sooner or later will be many cars that the onboard computer and a lot of hackers will be interested to attack, so the virus will develop the car in various types," yakinnya.

Kaspersky said the GPS navigation system is very easy to attack. If this does not prevent the manufacturer of the automobile, its impact is very chilling. "Some of the features that are on the phone would be frightening. Try to imagine if this attack onboard computer in the car dashboard, "the message.

Toyota Sangkal virus Cabir
Analysis of the Kaspersky virus called Cabir that car, get a serious reaction from the Lexus. Even as Toyota parent company considers it must be proved. From the results of the research conducted, Cabir can not attack the computer navigation system on the car. The reason for the basic navigation operating system is very different from the mobile phone. "So far, only a estimation and up to now Kaspersky can not show evidence of accurate Cabir virus that has attacked the Lexus," said Toyota spokesman.

Toyota also added a difference in the operating system that cause the virus Cabir will not move. "Operating system on mobile phone use while Symbian Windows-based car navigation. So impossible ignites, "these tangkis spokesman.

Apart from the warning Kaspersky or business behind the effort is, hopefully it will be the appearance of virus analisanya car does not become reality until whenever.

Alarm For Motorcycle

At the time of this theft of motor vehicles is very high that both motor vehicles and four-wheel two-wheel vehicles. Theft can occur anywhere, whether posted on the home grounds, the parking lot and inside the house we sendiri.Oleh therefore to prevent or secure the vehicle we need the security, one of them is to use / install Stealth Alarm Motor Brand


Stealth Alarm Motor Brand is working to protect the two-wheel vehicles from theft.


Benefits & usefulness of Stealth Alarm Motor Brand is as follows:

Protecting the vehicle -
two-wheel vehicles from
Motor can be turned on -
with remote alarm with
distance of 50 meters.


-Auto/Manual Lock

tired or forget fear
alarm bike lock?
Do not worry, STEALTH
can be programmed to
lock automatically each
key contact is turned off.


Although the key
original, without the remote motor
and can not distarter
sirine akan ring
loud. So it does not
need to worry though
key duplicated by
other people.


At the time of going
seizure, simply press
the key to the remote
shut off the engine and
sirine the vote.

Alarm-key contact

With the program can
activate the alarm
if the contact was damaged.


Equipped sensor gear &
machine, so the starter
does not work if the teeth
not in a neutral position
or engine is
rotates, so that safe for
machine and the children.


If you do not like the
sound, can STEALTH
operated with the mode
silent and you can
know the status
sein's security lights.

Advanced and easy -

figure study 123
In design with the function
compact and easy

- $25 /pcs, already
including pairs of field
for your area
Jakarta, Depok,
Tanggerang and Bekasi.
Installation is done
1 (one) day after


One-year warranty.
How to install-all
brand motor.
Equipped with a remote -
reserves and how
the installation.
USA-adopted technology.

( only in the selling in Indonesia )

Friday, May 1, 2009

Car Tracking Tool

Of late motor vehicle theft increased. Data from the National Criminal detective for the Police Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia, the theft in 2005 increased more than twice the number of thefts in the previous year, to reach 45,316 cases. Meanwhile, from January to April 2006 only 8695 theft has occurred.

Prevention efforts are usually adopted by most car owners is to install an alarm. However, not infrequently with gang criminals dipersenjatai firearm, and to seize the car owner's vehicle. When you are so, your vehicle can be easily was, stripped, and the fix for re-sale in the regions far from the city.

To avoid this, a tool called Tramigo T21 is able to track the position of your vehicle. Portable vehicle tracking tool is the first released by a Finnish company, Tramigo, January, and already sold in Indonesia since two months ago.

Shape and size, such as piece burger. Thickness 4.5 centimeters, 9.3 centimeters berdiameter, with the weight only 150 grams. T21 can be installed on the car dashboard, but more often are placed in hidden places, like under the car seat.

To turn it on, it must be input to the source of electricity from a battery or car battery connected to a battery backup (included in the sales package), which each lasted for approximately dicas it can survive up to two days.

In addition to tracking the position of the vehicle, T21 can tell when the vehicle engine is turned on or you're a tool peminta help in emergency situations. He also serves as the recorder can track a vehicle passed by us, give us a warning when exceed the speed limit is specified, or a warning when the vehicle acceleration to excessive speed.

This technology using global positioning system (GPS) and network operating throughout the global system for mobile communication (GSM). He certainly did not involve a third party telecommunications or service, you only need a SIM card (from any operator), to communicate with GSM mobile phone owner of a vehicle, which has been measuring 8 megabita software.

To find out the position, speed, and direction of your vehicle, Tramigo software provides features in the Find menu. When we select the feature, in a flash, the screen will give you the text message about the speed, direction, and the existence of our car.

To make it as a warning, we must enable the T21 features Ignition, by typing, "Iginition, on". When we park the vehicle in a place, and the vehicle was stolen, when the vehicle engine switched on, akan T21 mobile phone to send a message to us.

If we want to record the path of vehicles that we skip, we also need to activate the Journey to the T21 mobile phone through us. Then, automatically, a tool that will record the coordinates-the coordinates for the position every 20 seconds, or half a minute (can be changed in accordance with the selection).

Well, in emergency situations, such as a car accident, this tool can be used to send messages automatically request assistance, to four the number of GSM we want. Easy to do, stay and press a button on the side of the T21 for two seconds. For each text before the exchange of information, good credit and credit T21 phone will be reduced in accordance with the cost of short messages (SMS) apply.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kingston DataTraveler 150

Kingston is a name synonymous with product USB flash disk. From some of the product during this circulating in the market, products, Kingston is one of the reliable both in terms of quality, performance and additional features too. And a matter of reputation, product DataTraveler 150 is still a good hold on the reputation of the Kingston.

View from the specification data, this product is quite amazing. The first is clearly the capacity ditawarkannya store. Kingston DataTraveler 150 is offered in two capacities: 32GB and 64GB. And see the price of this product, if the count value is calculated so very competitive when compared with other products.

Indeed, when viewing the price banderolnya, so you can feel that this product is quite expensive. Kingston install prices of U.S. $ 135 for the 64GB capacity. This value is approximately equal to the value of Rp 1,500,000. But when you see the capacity, the value of this product is only about Rp 23 thousand per gigabyte it is. Quite cheap right?

Other features that make this product so is considered reasonable speed transfer of assets. The average write speed of flash disk is about 10.63 megabytes per second while the speed bacanya about 28 megabytes per second. Data DataTraveler 150 makes this product so one flash disk with a capacity jumbo that has a high transfer rate.

Perhaps that is a bit unfortunate not disediakannya facilities that are usually provided encryption products thrown to the business market. Happens, you perforce have to look for alternative software to do this job security. Indeed, so quite a bit and making perforce you must always carry encryption software in the flash disk you.

Overall, this Kingston product output is considered reasonable considering the comparison between the selling price and the capacity ditawarkannya. Of course you should be risk averse explore their own encryption software. Good Gear Guide the opportunity to make a review of this product provides a value of 5 + 4 stars provided. This site also does not complain about the default disediakannya because encryption software can be spelled out is the device that must have saved on the media that is easily carried but easily lost this.

Type: USB Flash Disk
Capacity: 32GB, 64GB
Dimensions: 77.9 x 22 mm x 12:05
Use temperature: 0 º C-60 º C
Storage Temperature: -20 º C-85 º C
Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows ReadyBoost, Windows XP (SP1, SP2), Windows 2000 (SP4), Mac OS X v.10.3.x +, Linux + v.2.6.x

Microsoft LifeCam Show

Not many computer manufacturers peranti complement the webcam still produce now because almost all products notebook or laptop that does not include this facility. But the fact is that Microsoft did not stop for produce such as webcam also LifeCam Show this product.

See the shape, design LifeCam Show is a glimpse of the mouse is similar except that the product is much thinner from the mouse. Design is quite simple and elegant expression. Elegant impression is strengthened with the chrome-colored accents encircle the front of the webcam is visible.

Apart from an interesting design, the LifeCam Show mengusung some of the features that make it have more value if compared with other products webcam. The first is the different types of disertakannya clip that can make them 'stick' on almost any type of monitor. Microsoft also includes a stand that makes this webcam can be placed on the CRT screen.

But not only that so that the excess of this LifeCam Show. Sensors installed on the Microsoft webcam is also quite good. At least with a 2 megapixel sensor the size of this product has exceeded the quality of sensors offered by most products webcam. The performance of this sensor is quite reliable. The video quality is quite satisfactory in almost all conditions. Even webcam also offers the possibility of video recording resolution 800 x 600 pixels.

As well as the previous product webcam, LifeCam Show is also already mengusung features 3-D face-tracking that allows you to create a 'modification' in the face you. And operation is quite simple because Microsoft is on the menu this software included in the package pembeliannya. Although this feature is more 'fun' but the condition can be certain of this feature is also useful.

In fact, in terms of quality, this product is quite reliable as long as you do not object to paying for expensive of all the benefits of the ditawarkannya. Say Microsoft release this product with the stamp of U.S. $ 100 or more or less around Rp 1 million. This is a bid that is rather difficult to remember that if you can get that function more or less the same product from most mini camcorder with a cheaper price and more functions.

However, irrespective of the selling price is high enough, the Microsoft LifeCam Show is indeed provide an adequate quality. Australia Site, Good Gear Guide the opportunity to test this product to give 3 + stars out of 5 stars, and they provide only about the selling price that they are still too high for a webcam.

Type: Web camera
Sensor: 2 megapixel CMOS
Digital Zoom: 5x
Video Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Interface: USB
Dimensions: 62 x 32 x 12.3mm

Logitech Comfort Lapdesk

Later laptop or notebook is not exclusive to the goods again. The notebook terjangkaunya price and the price is not too far from your PC to make the switch to the notebook with a variety of reasons. When you include people who have started to switch to notebook, harmless product you start to consider this one.

At this time the cooling system notebook is good enough so that no cause excessive heat and when the notebook is placed on the lap. But sometimes when the position of notebook operated like this was not ideal and quite when the notebook is used in a long time.

Anticipate this problem, remove the Logitech products that give them the name Logitech Comfort Lapdesk this. See the construction, presumably Logitech is really thinking about comfort and functional issues of this product. In fact, spelled out that the product can replace this position as a place to lay the table notebook without having to hurt thigh users.

There are two parts to the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk this. The section and made of hard plastic and soft cushion which is located underneath. This cushion is made of material that can absorb air made curved so that users can feel comfortable even though the notebook in time. Curvature is also formed in the empty space between the user's thigh and thigh so that the notebook will not feel hot.

The top made of hard plastic is also designed so that no slippage notebook will not 'slip' when you are allowing. Interestingly, slope angle Logitech Comfort Lapdesk is quite ideal, so you will not feel pain in your neck to have to work even though a relatively long time.

Logitech Comfort Lapdesk designed for this notebook can be used to sustain the size of 17 inches so you do not need to worry if you have a big notebook. In addition, the color and design of the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk this dynamic and interesting enough so that tak akan looks odd when used.

In short, if you include people who love working outside the room with the notebook, no one starts to consider goods that are sold with the price 30 Pounds Sterling or around Rp500 thousands of these. Trusted Reviews did not hesitate to give the value 9 and recommend the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk for this particular work which is often above the bed because it can reduce the risk of notebook Overheat due to ventilation holes closed mattress indentation.

Panasonic HDC-SD20-K

The amateur will be very clear with a breakthrough like that provided by Panasonic camcorder HDC is given the name-SD20-K this. How not, when this feature is enabled then it will notify you when there are procedures or settings that are less precise. Conversely, of course, this feature will make the very people who are using the camcorder.

Panasonic calls this feature Ai Shooting Guide function gives tips and instructions via the display or a warning and advice on the LCD screen. This feature will help the user create a new course with a camcorder in order to adapt them not to make too many mistakes. Of course you can turn off this function when you just know the basic principles of the camcorder and no longer need the help of this feature.

Because the market for beginners, clearly not many advanced features that are placed on this camcorder. But you need not too worried because with the features that brought this camcorder you can produce a video recording with high definition quality. But when compared with other Panasonic camcorder that fit in this category, Panasonic HDC-SD20-K is indeed has some shortages.

For instance, on this camcorder, there is no microphone jack, manual lens ring or viewfinder. Sensornya still use CMOS-sized 1 / 6 inches and not 3MOS as in the HD-SD100. The result is clearly not akan as well as on the HD-SD100 especially when used in dim light conditions. Results recorded in the light conditions the light is also not too good even though on the other hand is not satisfactory to call presumably also less precise.

Although the selling price of this camcorder is not too expensive but can still install a Panasonic optical image stabilisation and the LCD is equipped with touch screen features. From the LCD screen of 2.7 inches this is the menu you can access from this camcorder. You can set the white balance, speed and Exposure SHUTTER menu via the touch screen is responsive enough.

Of course there are always to be sacrificed when a product released with a quite affordable price. Quality of the camcorder body is slightly less good. This is also the dikeluhkan by Good Gear Guide, although in the end this site remains high because of the features that are brought to the posted price (U.S. $ 550 million ).

Sensor: 1 / 6 inches CMOS (1.47 megapixel)
Lens: Leica Dicomar
Zoom: 16x optical, 100x digital
Storage Media: SD / SDHC Card
Video Recording Modes: HA (17 Mbps / VBR), HG (13 Mbps / VBR), HX (9 Mbps / VBR), HE (6 Mbps / VBR)
Interfaces: AV Output, DC In, Component Video Output, HDMI Output, USB 2.0
Dimensions: 69 x 64 x 128mm

Dell Studio XPS 13

Choosing a laptop at this time may not be as easy as a few years ago. With the number of options, so consumers are increasingly difficult to determine the options. Major players such as Sony, Fujitsu and Acer each race seems to give the best product. Dell as one of the older players also did not want to lose and to remove the Dell XPS Studio 13 this.

From the side Portability, Studio XPS 13 This is quite easy to carry mobile but in the same time also not too small, so difficult in the operation. Matter of design, although not to bring the concept of truly new Studio XPS 13 This is quite interesting. Color accents give a touch of silver in the body of a laptop dibalut this jet black color.

13.3-inch display area that is installed on this laptop have a satisfactory quality. Views on the screen look clear and sharp but not painful on the eyes. But the most interesting is the fact that even though the screen is coated glossy coating, but it did not make this screen so reflective from the outside. Therefore, although used outside the room, the display screen is still awake.

Keyboard that is installed on the Dell XPS Studio 13 also has a good construction. With the size of each key is large and good construction, it is clear that the keyboard is not used here will reduce the productivity of users. As a bonus, Dell install lights at the bottom of this keyboard, so you can still work even though the lights turned off.

Dell rely on this laptop processors Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 2.53 GHz which combined with the 4GB of RAM. Media keep the form of hard disk with the speed of play with a 7200 rpm 320GB media be saved from the laptop using the operating system is Microsoft Windows Vista. Graphics card that is used Studio XPS 13 This is a hybrid graphics card that can be arranged according to their performance needs, so no need to consume higher power when not needed.

Overall, this laptop has a body a good balance. This means you can put it in position with a lap top screen is driven back to this laptop without fear rolled. Unfortunately construction hinges screen with the little ventilation holes and cause little laptop so hot when used in a long time. But it did not impede the Good Gear Guide recommends laptops for sale with a price of U.S. $ 1600
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 2.53GHz
Memory: 4GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 9500M Hybrid
Display: 13.3 in TFT with LED backlight (1280 x 800)
Hard Disk: 320GB
Optical Drive: Slot-loading DVD burner
Ports: External SATA, D-Sub, Firewire, HDMI Output, headphone Jack, Microphone Jack, RJ45, USB 2.0
Webcam: 2 megapixel
Wireless: Bluetooth 2.0, Wireless 802.11n, Wireless 802.11b, Wireless 802.11g
Dimensions: 319 x 236.12 x 34.34mm ~ 22:55

Sony Ericsson W705

Install Wi-Fi features that Sony Ericsson is not a habit, but presumably mobile phone manufacturers started to follow this trend with the phone and complete this facility. For example, the Sony Ericsson W705 is. With interesting design features, and losers who do not obsess, so the phone can be a market for middle to top of this consumer demand, akan.

Views outside the phone is still not far from the Sony Ericsson products of others. Most of the rooms in the front is dominated by its LCD screen that has a 2.4 inch wide. And as usual circular control button just below a row of this screen. Keypad is not visible on the front of the Sony Ericsson put in a second layer of the mobile phone with a slider form factor this.

Overview, key in the design of Sony Ericsson was seen as difficult an operating position that is rather difficult. For example, the call and end button surrounded by two buttons that form a nearly perfect circle. But even though difficult to access but this is actually two-button operation is easy because the height is not the same as the key in the surrounding areas.

Sony Ericsson W705

The same thing also happened on the range button on its keypad. Although it looks flat and difficult operation, but actually the key to large-sized construction features so that Bevel still have high value ergonomis. The buttons such as volume and the camera stays at the standard Sony Ericsson and not too difficult to search even though you have not used the previous Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Of 2.4-inch screen that is installed here have a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and is quite comfortable to use for browsing the Internet. This screen can also change the orientation when you change the position of the phone, but unfortunately this feature does not work on all software installed on the phone. Concerning the quality of audio, the phone clearly labeled W aka Walkman is not too many problems.

The only one that still may be enough with the earphone connector is placed on the left side while the other end of the earphone plug connatural Sony Ericsson clearly far from the word 'small'. Finally perforce you will experience difficulties when you want to listen to music while putting the phone in the pocket. Fortunately, Sony Ericsson gives you the opportunity to use the earphone to the other to provide the audio connectors on the 3.5 inch earphone default.

3.2 megapixel camera that is installed on the Sony Ericsson W705 is working quite well despite not really perfect. Captured quite sharp although the color is a bit deviant from the original. The camera is placed on the outside of the back and profitable because you do not have to open the slider to enable it. the camera lens is so exposed and scratches easily.

In short, for the mobile phone with a selling price of about U.S. $ 320

Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, HSDPA 900 / 2100
Data: GPRS Class 10, HSCSD, EDGE Class 10, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
Operating System: --
Screen: 2.4 inches TFT, 256K colors
Camera: 3.2 megapixel
Multimedia: Walkman 3.0 player, Stereo FM radio with RDS
Memory: 120 MB + Memory Stick Micro slot
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth, USB
Dimensions: 95 x 47.5 x 14.3 mm
Other Features: Accelerometer, Shake control, Geo-Tagging (cell-ID)

Casio Exilim EX-FC100

Casio Exilim EX-enter FC100 is the category of high speed camera is more or less high-speed camera. See prices that dipatok, it seems this camera is the 'affordable version' of the Casio Exilim EX-F1 is also offering the same features. But at a glance, it seems this camera is quite interesting both in the design and specification.

Casio Exilim EX-FC100

From outside the camera view is indeed quite interesting. Despite the overall design is not revolutionary, but there are some side which makes it different. Camber on all four sides to make this camera more impressive than the real thin. Design without this angle also proceeded to the back of the many forms of applying the loop, unless the corner of the LCD screen of course.

Although quite a lot of control buttons, but it seemed to make it successful Casio neat and not jam. In fact, there is still little room for the object of thumb in between the key colors this while on the front, though without the grip, there is enough space to put a finger without having to interfere with the light flash or lensanya. And again it is the camera body is made of solid metal and far from cheap impression.

Casio Exilim EX-FC100

One thing that is also interesting is the number of the features on this camera ditanamkan not make it so large. With dimensions of 99.8 x 58.5 x 22.6 mm and weight about 180gram, Casio Exilim EX-FC100 is still classified as a compact camera. Moreover, with the design curve, then insert the camera into the pants pocket will not be a major problem.

The speed is the main output from the camera Casio this one. This pocket camera is able to take 30 pictures in one second and make it suitable for you who do not want to lose a moment's interesting that you object viewfinder. But, of course, to take pictures as soon as this, the camera is only able to zero in the quality of the 6 megapixel only. While the ability of new sensors 9.1 megapixelnya you can use when in normal mode.

Casio Exilim EX-FC100

This mode also can you use when recording video. The camera is even capable of recording in video format with a speed of 1000 frames per second. Again, the quality will be reduced in this mode. Using the speed of 1000 frames per second you can only record video with the quality 224 x 64 pixels only. So do not expect to get satisfactory results in record time at this speed.

Matter of image quality in normal mode, Casio Exilim EX-FC100 is reliable. Captured quite sharp and bright with perimbangan between highlight and shadow are also good. Unfortunately, the noise seems to be still on the constraints such products before. But if you restrict the ISO low, this problem can still be overcome. Trusted Reviews gives value for 8 of the 10 products that are sold with the price of Pounds Sterling 350 million, or approximately Rp6 this.
(trv / Roc)
Sensor: 1/2.3-inch high-speed CMOS (9.1 megapixel)
Lens: 9 lenses in 7 groups, including aspherical lens
Zoom: 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
Viewfinder: N / A
LCD Monitor: 2.7-inch wide TFT color LCD
Maximum APERTURE: F3.6 (W) to F8.5 (W) * 5
Shutter Speed: 1 to 1 / 1000
White Balance: Auto WB, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Day white FL, Daylight FL, Tungsten, Manual WB
Flash: Built-in with red-eye reduction
Shooting Modes: Single, continuous
Photo Effects: --
Storage Media: 31.9MB + SD / SDHC card slot
File Format: JPEG
Interfaces: USB / AV port / DC-IN
Dimensions: 99.8 x 58.5 x 22.6mm

Lenovo ThinkPad SL500

If you are looking for a substitute for a PC powerful enough to handle in work office, could be the answer is this Lenovo ThinkPad SL500. Unfortunately, to bring this notebook probably not travel too far because of the ideal weight that is not too light, the battery resistance is also not too good also.

Physically, this notebook is a very simple indeed. Views outside the color jet with sharp corners and look a little stiff. But when you include people who do not want to appear conspicuous, Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 This presumably fit for you because it looks a low profile. The problem is more if you include people who are concerned with the design of the display outside the products you buy.

15.4-inch screen that is installed on the notebook have a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels and coated with anti-glare coating. So you often happens that the light source distance to work, not to worry will interfere with the reflection of light from the outside on this screen. Good again, the screen viewing angle is quite good and do not require that you remain silent in a position to be able to see the display properly.

Size of 15.4 inches is a weakness because of the large size makes it so ideal for the less mobile. But on the other hand, the large size of this so profitable because there are enough free space to install the keyboard with a large size. Lenovo is installing full-sized keyboard size. Construction of each key is also quite good and not make a typing productivity decreased.

Matter of offal, the processor is Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz installed as the brain of this notebook. Work processor is supported with the DDR2 memory with a 2GB. The unfortunate fact is the hard disk capacity is less ideal. Lenovo only have 250GB hard disk with only the Lenovo ThinkPad SL500. And the graphics card installed is not too bad.

At least with the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS, you can still play a game-time DirectX 9 games. But look at the market see Lenovo, presumably consumers likely to use this notebook to play games will not be too large. Once again, this notebook is marketed for the workers and the market is not a gaming notebook.

In short, the Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 This can really be relied upon to handle the office work. No wonder if the Good Gear Guide recommends no doubt the product is sold with the price of U.S. $ 829

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Samsung M610

Phone this one is not released to those who thirst advanced features. Regular feature only, but is not too surprising when considering the price that mobile phone dipatok for entry-level class this. Samsung M610 mention this as a stylish mobile phone that even though the claim was somewhat incredulous.

Speaking of stylish, can be referred to the Samsung is the use of the slider form factor which is usually applied on a phone-high-end mobile phone. And that is tolerable to look up the phone although unfortunately somewhat less robust construction and tend to shake when in the open.

Showing classified standard front slider design mobile phone. It's the frame around the screen, which may be intended to give the impression that even though the wide screen is only measuring only 1.77 inches. At the bottom of the screen is visible buttons with the D-Pad size is big enough in the middle. Of size can be ascertained only the buttons that this will not be too difficult to use when.

Ergonomis the same value is also seen in the range of keypad buttons in the second layer and the new phone will be visible when digeser. Construction of each key is quite good and will not reduce the productivity of your time typing an SMS message is quite long. The key is flexible and 'feel' when pressed so that helps reduce the risk of pressing the button twice because it sure is not pressed or not.

Features that tend to be carried out even though the standards spelled out poor features. At least Samsung facilities still provide the music player, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity with A2DP profile and of course the memory card slot that supports the microSD card format. The camera is also provided although the new VGA quality only.

This phone works on 2G networks only, so do not expect to get good speed when connected to the internet. But just for browsing only, GPRS Class 10 and EDGE Class 10 that is provided will not be too disappointing. But once again all the weaknesses that still can dimaklumi because this phone is released for the middle class and below.

In short, many are not reliable from the Samsung M610 is. However, with the view that is quite good and built quality is not too disappointing, the price of the Samsung dipatok presumably still feels natural.

Network: GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
Data: GPRS Class 10, EDGE Class 10
Operating System: --
Display: 1.77 inches CSTN (128 x 160 pixels)
Camera: VGA
Multimedia: MP3/AAC/AAC + / eAAC + / WMA player, FM Radio
Memory: 5 MB + microSD slot
Connectivity: Bluetooth v2.0 (with A2DP)
Dimensions: 99 x 45 x 17.5 mm
Other features: Java MIDP 2.0, Organizer, Voice memo

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go

With the number of functions that include the motherboard sound card, which people rarely buy peranti this unless they want the audio quality of the more powerful. And when you include those who frequently use the 'general computer' and not satisfied with the quality of the sound produced is a PC sound card, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go this problem could be your solution. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go This is actually an external sound card that uses USB connectivity. At the edge of the USB connector on this peranti there is a jack for connecting headphones and microphone. With this tiny peranti, quality audio from a PC didongkrak can vote again and produce a more worthy to enjoy. Peranti this solution can also be a laptop that is usually 'weak' on the sound card. One of the benefits came a USB sound card is a lack of interference waves elektromagnetik because dihambat by PC cases. Result, the quality of the sound more clear than crystal clear sound card that is in the casing. With the benefits that can be X-Fi Go will provide a good quality sound as well. Creative product output is also equipped with some interesting features such as X-Fi Crystaliser, CMSS 3D headphone surround sound, EAX 4.0, OpenAL, and VoiceFX Creative Alchemy. All these features are stored in this peranti so you need not involve the CD installer. As a bonus, you also get 1GB of space saved on the sound card is portable. So, at the same time, you can also save some important files in this sound card. From the performance, X-Fi Go This was also not disappointing. The sound quality produced by the default sound card motherboard so there is no means of the sound card is. Bass and treble sound more prominent so that the noise appears as interference waves elektromagnetik is no longer heard. In short, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go This can be a solution for those not satisfied with the sound quality of the sound card on the PC that they use without having to be with the sound card.


Type: External Sound Card

Interface: USB

Signal Processor: Creative X-Fi xtreme Fidelity

DAC Data Width: 16-bit

Sample Rate: 48 kHz (max)

Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 96 dB

Features: EAX ADVANCED HD, USB 2.0 compatibility, Creative Multi Speaker Surround (CMSS) - 3D, X-Fi Crystalizer technology, built-in 1 GB flash memory

Dimensions: 67 x 28 x 10mm

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W300

Specifications have a 'big' is not a body that peranti away so much also. For example, the output Sony pocket camera this. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W300 has a sensor with 13.6 megapixel capability bodinya but still slim and easy to paste into pants pocket. Concerning the quality, presumably the name of Cyber-shot is still reliable enough to produce a brilliant image quality. Although the sensor mengusung 'big', but only install the Sony lens with optical zoom capabilities up to 3x only. However, when considering the resolution bidikannya large enough (3264 x 2448 pixels) is, to some extent this is still a matter of zooming can diakali with the cropping types using Photoshop software. Clear with zoom capability that is not too large, the distortion on the horizon line can be minimized. Sony provides a choice of manual and auto mode so you can still change the settings in the time actually needed, such as when in minimal lighting conditions for example. But that does not mean that the auto mode can not be relied upon. In normal lighting conditions, this feature works with satisfactory and no problems on the quality of the shot. From the performance, Cyber-shot DSC-W300 is also quite powerful. Start-up time and the interval between the one taking pictures with the next short enough so that you will not lose many important moments when the need to perpetuate a single event. A rather slow process of elimination it is the image from the memory card Memory Stick Pro DUO used this camera. Captured image quality this camera is satisfactory. Images look clear and sharp and no visible symptoms of noise. Color shown 'live' without having to look over-saturated while the performance in any lighting condition less reliable enough. Image stabilisation Sony posted here with the good work though when using the shutter speed around 1 / 15 seconds. In addition to powerful still images, Cyber-shot DSC-W300 can also be trusted to record video. Video with resolution 640 x 480 pixels that the camera was produced with the support mulus audio quality is also quite good.


Sensor: 1/1.7 "Super HAD CCD (13.6 megapixel)

Lens: 35 - 105mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar

Zoom: 3x optical, 6x digital

Viewfinder: N / A

LCD Monitor: 2.7 "(230k pixels) Clear Photo LCD

Maximum APERTURE: Auto (F2.8-F16) / Program Auto (F2.8-F16)

Shutter Speed: Auto (1 / 4 - 1 / 2000) / Program Auto (1 "- 1 / 2000) / Manual (30" - 1 / 1000)

White Balance: Automatic, Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent 1, Fluorescent 2, Fluorescent 3, Incandescent, Flash, One Push

Flash: Built-in with the red-eye reduction

Shooting Modes: Normal, burst, Bracket

Photo effect: --

Storage Media: Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo Memory

File Format: JPG

Interfaces: USB 2.0

Dimensions: 94.3 x 59 x 26.8mm

Kodak EasyShare M1063

Ease of use is one of the value of this camera. That is quite reasonable because of the Kodak camera to remove the market for consumer beginners or those who do not want to direpotkan with manual settings on the camera. The result is not too bad, although it may be satisfactory for the call is also quite difficult. There is no manual or program mode on this Kodak EasyShare M1063. Instead, Kodak provides 17 presets that can be selected in accordance with the conditions or the desired effect. Display the interface that is used this camera also quite simple and not complicate the user that is not too early to understand the camera problem. Order-button keypad is easy to understand and is also equipped with a clear label. Although only mode provides auto and manual settings do not allow, but the image quality captured in auto mode this is still quite reliable. Results are not shooting too bright and sharp but still in the limit that can be tolerated. Benefits, with the quality of the 10 megapixel sensor, image results catapult this camera is quite 'big' and will not be making if you intend to manipulate the image with the editor software such as Photoshop. In conditions of adequate lighting, Kodak EasyShare M1063 this can work well even though there are few symptoms of chromatic aberration. Unfortunately, the performance began to decline when the camera is used in the minimal light conditions. Without adequate lighting, noise start to appear and display the image as a whole. Use the default camera flash light is not this too can help because the distance is very limited coverage. Although there is no manual settings, but if just doing the only ISO, Kodak still allow. In the ISO between 64 and 160, the image quality is quite good while above, the noise began to appear. However, if you intend to give effect to the artistic playground noise, this camera offers ISO settings up to 1000. Some standard features such as pocket camera face detection and blur reduction ditanamkan also have a pocket camera on this one. In short, if you only look for a camera to make a documentation of specific events and do not expect too brilliant image quality, convenience offered by Kodak camera output is indeed quite interesting. Does not provide the manual settings and the picture quality is not too satisfactory.


Sensor: 1 / 2.33 in. CCD (10 megaixel)

Lenses: 32-96 mm (35 mm equiv.)

Zoom: 3X optical, 5X digital

Viewfinder: N / A

LCD Monitor: 2.7 inches LCD

Maximum APERTURE: f/2.8-f/5.1

Shutter Speed: 4-1/1400 sec.

White Balance: auto, semi-auto (daylight, tungsten, Fluorescent, open shade)

Flash: Built-in with red-eye reduction

Shooting Modes: auto, SCN, video, landscape, blur reduction, high ISO, close-up

Photo Effects: -- S

torage Media: 16 MB + SD / SDHC card expansion slot

File Format: JPEG / EXIF v2.21

Interfaces: USB, A / V output

Dimensions: 91 × 57 × 21 mm

Gecko Soundbase

iPod Dock made in Australia are not offering such a fantastic design offered Logic3 or Memorex. But a matter of function, Gecko Soundbase this could simply be an alternative when choosing a product iPod Dock, as long as you do not demand quality audio is truly satisfying. Views simple design that does not mean this directly Soundbase bad. The entire surface of the iPod Dock dibalut this jet black color and gave the impression neutral so that you can put in between the furniture in your home without a conspicuous visible or disrupt. There are two speakers plus two tweeter installed on this iPod Dock. Fourth protected behind cover that is also black. iPod Dock placed at the bottom and can digeser out when needed. Benefits, when not in use, this can be encouraged Dock entrance and view the entire product will look more clean. Unfortunately Dock construction is somewhat less robust, and you must be careful that the plug is not quickly broken. This is rather strange because the construction of this product as a whole is actually quite solid. Include a remote control on an audio product that is so something must at this time. And for that matter, Soundbase this tool provides a remote control with a view that is also simple. Because not many buttons, the operation of the remote control so this is quite convenient because the distance between the keys is quite far apart. Not like most products in the iPod Dock, with the remote control you can control most functions of the iPod without having to access the iPod it directly. Other features are also installed in this product are radio FM / AM audio jack and 3.5 mm-sized so you can connect a sound source other than the iPod with this Soundbase. But that is a bit awkward not have an alarm function that is usually always available on the product of this nature. This feels awkward because the LED screen that is placed here also display a time. From the quality, Soundbase is not far different with most products iPod Dock circulating in the market. Bass sound is submerged and the overall sound is dominated by middle and top of the canal. Fortunately, in high volume, the sound is not so broken.


Type: Speaker system with digital player Dock

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Number of speakers: 4

Audio Type: Stereo

Speaker Type: Front Speaker

Dimensions: 320 x 108 x 188mm

Weight: 1600 gr

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720

Search for products Bluetooth headset that's easy-so easy. Many products that circulate in the market but not many that offer design and make it interesting enough to be at once a captivating accessories. One of the products that successfully meet these criteria is the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720 this. Not too large in size and design is also quite interesting. The better, sound quality is also not disappointing. Shapes are simple and not far different products with similar outstanding. With dimensions of 69 x 16 x 10 mm and weight about 10 grams only, this product is to be one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets on the market. Interestingly, the Sony Ericsson includes three cover that can be changed according to changing tastes so you can make the HBH-PV720 as accessories. HBH-PV720 use ear bud design. Unfortunately, the construction of ear-bud is a bit too large and difficult to be able to 'sit' with the keel in the ear. As a result, the Bluetooth headset is so easy to quit when used without the ear hook. The solution is you should use one of two ear hook included in the sales package. Sony Ericsson provides a power button, volume button and to receive or end the discussion at this HBH-PV720. System operation is quite simple. Pairing process is not making life too because users only need to activate the power button and the gadget is already on the position of pairing mode. After this pairing process, the call will work according to the way you press this button. For instance if you press this button once then he will recognize this as the process of receiving or end a phone conversation while when you press this button twice in succession then it will access the last number of your contact. From the sound quality, HBH-PV720 is quite satisfactory. Good sound that is sent or received loud and clear enough even though there is still a little distortion going. Bluetooth headset is also equipped with features that automatically adjust the volume according to the level of noise in the surrounding areas. Feasible if the Good Gear Guide provides a high rating on the product being sold with the price of U.S. $ 75, or around Rp 800 thousands this. This site also gives more value to the resistance of the battery is good.


Type: Bluetooth Headset

Operation range: Up to 10 meters

Talk Time: Up to 660 minutes

Stand-by Time: Up to 800 hours

Dimension: 69 x 16 x 0 mm

Weight: 10 gr

Interface: Bluetooth

Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 2.0

Other features: Answer Call, Call reject, Call Waiting, Voice Dialling, Last Number Redial, Mute, Battery Indicator

Mi2001 Memorex Clock Radio

Memorex claims that this product offers more than just a normal iPod Dock. This may be correct when viewed from the side view. However, when viewing the features and functions offered, Mi2001 Memorex Clock Radio is not much different with the iPod Dock products of others. The only one that distinguishes Mi2001 Memorex Clock Radio with iPod Dock products is just another design only. The use of cup-like shape such as this are not quite common for an iPod Dock to use the most basic form of a cube. But on the other hand this design also has a loss because of space needed to put Mi2001 be more knowledgeable. iPod Dock and speakers are placed at the top of this product while on the front of the room filled with large LCD display with blue backlight. LCD size is large enough benefit because you can easily read from a distance far enough. But on the other hand, can also disrupt this so if you intend to listen to music while waiting in the dark come drowsiness. Fortunately you still be possible to turn off the LCD backlight is. Peranti this way the operation was quite easy to understand, so no need for special understanding of how work can understand this iPod Dock. Lack of a button may be a little less friendly. Need a little extra energy to be able to activate the functions of this peranti via the buttons provided. So presumably it's easier to operate if this peranti via a remote control that has been provided. Mi2001 this supports all type of iPod that use standard connectors, including iPod touch model, classic, nano, video, photo and mini. When you use the resources with the electricity situation in the iPod is connected peranti then this will automatically recharge iPod batteries. However, if you do not find the source of power, the two AAA batteries can be used instead. From the sound quality, a product that is not too satisfactory. There are 15 volume levels, but when you menaikkannya more than level 10, then the speaker neodymium used here start removing the distortion. Overall, the sound tended to channel the light and feel the bass and treble channel. Unfortunately again you can not change this setting because it provides no Memorex Equalizer to this product. In short, this product can be spelled out only for the standard size of an iPod Dock. Nothing too special from this one product.


Type: Speaker system with digital player Dock

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Speaker: Four neodymium speakers

Compatibility: iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod photo, iPod, iPod mini

Connectivity: 30-pin Dock connector, Line-in jack to connect other digital audio devices Accessories: Wireless remote with clip, AC power adapter

Features: Digital FM radio, Clock function with sleep timer, alarm clock function

Dimension: 171.45 x 187.96 x 57.15 mm

Camera Ricoh R10

One thing is quite interesting from the camera Ricoh R10 is the lack of buttons on the back so that more space can be used to its LCD screen. But not only that the excess of the camera, because the image is also zero in capacity can be relied on even though the settings for the manual still has not provided Ricoh.

With the body made of metal with brushed finishing, the camera's color is dark so it feels very solid when be. Disediakannya and with the grip on the front of the empty space combined with a wide in the back, the position of fingers can grasp this powerful camera.

Specification of the data provided by the manufacturer, that this camera is designed for beginners or users who just want to immortalize a moment without having to direpotkan problem with understanding the operation of the camera. This does not look disediakannya with the manual settings on this camera. However, it does not mean that this camera is not qualified, because sensornya using a 10 megapixel berkemampuan.

Sensor that is still powerful enough combined with the ability of the lens with the optical zoom up to 7.1 x. Ability has been muffled vibration ditanamkan on this camera so you never need to worry the shooting will be blurred due to hand swing at zero. From this specification it can be ascertained that the results will be shooting this camera can be relied on.

Although not providing the manual settings, but enough to give Ricoh scene selection mode so users can try-try different options and find the best results for a particular condition. One that is quite interesting indicator of the horizontal line so you do not need to discard the time to make the image really 'flat' with the image processing software.

As previously suspected to be, captured this camera is quite good. Colors look bright and natural light conditions on the despite very light, likely a little dull. Up to ISO 400, noise level can still be tolerated while the image stabilisation is also used to function well despite the light conditions are very minimal.

In short, if you find a camera for documentation but with an adequate quality, Ricoh R10 can be a choice.

Lens: 35mm film equivalent
Zoom: 7.1 optical, 4.8 digital
Viewfinder: N / A
LCD Monitor: 3.0-inch Transparent Amorphous Silicon TFT LCD
Maximum APERTURE: F3.3 (Wide) - F5.2 (Telephoto)
Shutter Speed: 8, 4, 2, 1 - 1 / 2000 sec.
White Balance: AUTO / Outdoors / Cloudy / Incandescent / Incandescent 2 / Fluorescent / Manual, White Balance Bracket Function
Flash: Built-in with red-eye reduction
Shooting Modes: Auto Shooting Mode / Easy Shooting Mode / Scene Modes (Portrait / Face / Sports / Landscape / Nightscape / Night Portrait / High Sensitivity / Zoom Macro / Skew Correction / Text), My Settings Mode / Movie Mode
Photo Effects: --
Storage Media: 54MB + SD / SDHC card slot
File Format: JPEG
Interfaces: USB, A / V out
Dimensions: 102 x 58.3 x 26.1 mm

ASUS Eee Top ET1602

Summary of trends in the PC dipelopori products by Apple with the iMac is probably also tempt ASUS to join play. Although from the performance, the product name ASUS Eee Top ET1602 can not be spelled out powerful, but at least if you only intend to explore the PC can connect to the internet and create office documents, this PC can accommodate your job.

View from the looks, Eee Top ET1602 this is indeed brief. Dibalut body with white, a PC with 16.6-inch screen of this could easily put you on the table without the need to seize too much space. Buffer placed on the back of the screen that also contains the innards of a PC is also quite robust and able to withstand the weight of a PC this good. Glance, this construction makes it look like the PC this photo frame.

There are several things a quite interesting from this PC. The first is the screen that is equipped with a touchscreen feature. However, if you are not familiar with the features that are currently so this trend, ASUS is providing keyboard and mouse designed harmonious unit with the PC itself. Unfortunately peranti second input is a little too small and a bit less convenient when operated.

Because the processor on a PC this is a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N270, the performance clearly can not be equated with a PC that uses higher-speed processor. Can be spelled out, the ability Eee Top ET1602 is not far different with the netbook circulating in the market at this time. Memory capacity is enough to install any standard: 1GB. Fortunately ASUS still provide enough free space on your hard disk that is used (160GB).

Another thing that is interesting enough disediakannya six USB ports on this PC. At least you will not lack of ports would connect the PC time with peranti that use USB connectivity. Ethernet connectivity has been installed on the PC even though this feature is vital as the DVD burner that can not be found even to this product.

In short, this PC can only accommodate light work only and will not be able to provide adequate performance if you intend to use it to 'fag'. But even so, Good Gear Guide the opportunity to test this product is still willing to give the value is high enough even though that was about the reflective screen.

Processor: Intel Atom N270 1.6Ghz
Memory: 1GB
Chipset: --
VGA: Integrated
Screen: 15.6 inches (16:9) 1366 x 768 pixels
Hard Disk: 160GB, 5.400rpm
Optical Drive: N / A
Port: headphone Jack, Microphone Jack, RJ45, USB 2.0
Webcam: 1.3M pixel Web camera
Wireless: 802.11 n
Dimensions: --

Toshiba SD-P91SKY

See the shape, can not be ascertained that there is a Toshiba SD-P91SKY this is actually the portable DVD player. With this design, the first terlintas clearly is not the tablet PC and portable DVD players. And although not offering a high resolution, but some of the features carried SD-P91SKY this simply increase the value of selling this product.

Views outside the SD-P91SKY are visible solid. The entire body is made of brushed metal and with the finishing touch of chrome in some places. When compared with most similar products, this one is quite large and heavy. But on the other hand, the large size of this benefit is also distinctive because of the manufacturer to install the battery with a larger capacity and can provide power up to five hours more.

Design similar tablet PC also has a distinctive advantage. 9 incinya area of the screen can be folded and peranti disc DVD player is so easy to take-take. Good again, you need not feel peranti this difficult position because the screen can be clearly regulated in accordance with the purposes, even when you put it on the lap.

That it is quite strange format screen. When most of the product later this dilansir already using wide-screen format, which would use this resolution 640 x 220 pixels. Result, there are few defects on the display screen format adjustments due to this. Fortunately, the color is quite accurate for the size of portable DVD players. Advantages of this screen is viewing angle is wide enough so that there is no trouble even though you use it for watching DVDs with friends.

At the bottom of the screen there are some control buttons to operate the peranti this. However, if you want to access all functions of SD-P91SKY this, perforce you must use the remote control is included in the sales package. But the most interesting of this product may be on the plus USB connectivity so you can play your media file collection with this product.

In short, this product offers the features the rather interesting although the quality of the screen is not too good.

Type: Portable DVD Player
Screen Size: 9 inches (640 x 220 pixels)
Compatibility: DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD VR format -R/-RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-Audio, DivX, JPEG
Connection: A / V, USB 2.0, Digital Output, headphone
Dimensions: 267 x 34 x 180mm


See the data specification that the manufacturer be seen that the camcorder is only a version of 'affordable' from Canon HF11 camcorder. Not much difference between the two products in this except the fact that Canon HF100 not have this built-in memory.
When HF11 dibalut black, then Canon would select the color gray as the color of this basic HF100. However, in the second camcorder is connected to the sensor the same. Both use a 3.3 megapixel sensor measuring 1 / 3, 2 inches that is placed on the back that has the ability lensanya optical zoom up to 12x.

Canon HF100 is also still offering advanced features that most products are not similar. HF100 allows you to set the PRIORITY, APERTURE PRIORITY, white balance, digital effects, focus, bitrate and audio / mic levels to provide flexibility and easy to play with the object of your viewfinder.

Which may be a little bit with the design that is quite standard. Although not too bad but the tube design such as this has begun to feel ancient when compared to the design of several new camcorder output of applying more slim design making it easier operation. However, in terms of convenience, be it tube design provides a strong enough grip when in use.

No different with the HF11, camcorder this one also provides a satisfactory quality of the video. In optimal lighting conditions, HF100 is capable of recording video with the natural colors and sharpness are amazing. Noise level on the results of the recording can be up to the minimum. Quality is still awake when the camcorder is used in minimal light conditions.

Not only are capable of image recorded by the good quality of this camcorder. Microphone is installed on the front is able to capture both the voice and in addition, you can easily monitor the quality of sound through the headphone jack is provided. If the sound quality not good enough, you will still be given the opportunity to use an external mic via 3.5 mm jack connectivity that is provided.

In short, in terms of quality, the Canon HF100 is no problem. The only problem is just not disediakannya media store so you do not want to have to buy a memory card SD / SDHC own.

Sensor: 1/3.2 "CMOS Sensor
Lens: --
Zoom: 12x Optical, 200x Digital
Storage Media: N / A
Video Recording Modes: High Definition
Interfaces: AV Output, Audio jack, Component Video Output, HDMI Output, USB 2.0
Dimensions: 73 x 64 x 129mm

Canon HF100

See the data specification that the manufacturer be seen that the camcorder is only a version of 'affordable' from Canon HF11 camcorder. Not much difference between the two products in this except the fact that Canon HF100 not have this built-in memory.

When HF11 dibalut black, then Canon would select the color gray as the color of this basic HF100. However, in the second camcorder is connected to the sensor the same. Both use a 3.3 megapixel sensor measuring 1 / 3, 2 inches that is placed on the back that has the ability lensanya optical zoom up to 12x.

Canon HF100 is also still offering advanced features that most products are not similar. HF100 allows you to set the PRIORITY, APERTURE PRIORITY, white balance, digital effects, focus, bitrate and audio / mic levels to provide flexibility and easy to play with the object of your viewfinder.

Which may be a little bit with the design that is quite standard. Although not too bad but the tube design such as this has begun to feel ancient when compared to the design of several new camcorder output of applying more slim design making it easier operation. However, in terms of convenience, be it tube design provides a strong enough grip when in use.

No different with the HF11, camcorder this one also provides a satisfactory quality of the video. In optimal lighting conditions, HF100 is capable of recording video with the natural colors and sharpness are amazing. Noise level on the results of the recording can be up to the minimum. Quality is still awake when the camcorder is used in minimal light conditions.

Not only are capable of image recorded by the good quality of this camcorder. Microphone is installed on the front is able to capture both the voice and in addition, you can easily monitor the quality of sound through the headphone jack is provided. If the sound quality not good enough, you will still be given the opportunity to use an external mic via 3.5 mm jack connectivity that is provided.

In short, in terms of quality, the Canon HF100 is no problem. The only problem is just not disediakannya media store so you do not want to have to buy a memory card SD / SDHC own.

Sensor: 1/3.2 "CMOS Sensor
Lens: --
Zoom: 12x Optical, 200x Digital
Storage Media: N / A
Video Recording Modes: High Definition
Interfaces: AV Output, Audio jack, Component Video Output, HDMI Output, USB 2.0
Dimensions: 73 x 64 x 129mm

Casio Exilim EX-Z80

Approximately one year ago, the camera Casio Exilim EX-Z80 compact camera had become the most outstanding is thin at that time. Now, Casio has launched the new generation back from the camera with a few improvements here and there. One visible improvement is the use of sensors with greater ability.

Casio Exilim EX-Z88 is the 9.1 megapixel sensor measuring 1 / 2, 5 inches. Sensor capability that is still high enough combined with the ability of the lens with 3x optical zoom to. With this combination, can be captured has a pixel thickness is good even though the ability of its optical zoom is a bit limited.

Despite its size quite small, but placement of the buttons kendalinya designed with not quite so good comfort while reducing operating the camera with the dimensions 89.7 x 51.7 x 19mm this. Casio still roomy enough to provide space object as a good finger on the front and at the back of this camera. Hence, the possibility of camera 'slipped' time can be minimized operated.

A quite interesting is the fact that although the weight of this camera is quite light but the construction of body as a whole is quite robust and far from cheap impression. All the camera body is made of aluminum material and is available in several color options in accordance with the user's taste. Without battery and other accessories, this camera is only weight about 100 grams only. Not too heavy to take on the go.

Given the price dipatok manufacturer, no wonder if this camera features are minimal problems. As previously mentioned, the camera optical zoom capability is only limited to just 3x. That still should be minus optical image stabilisation means that this camera's ability to blur effect due to hand movement when pressing the shutter opening is not too good.

Fortunately the lack of the camera is still covered by some of the benefits of the assets. Display only a simple interface and easy to understand or autofocus speed its work. The performance of this camera is quite powerful. Start-up time and the interval between taking pictures with one of the following are also quite short and did not disappoint.

In short, for sekelasnya camera, Casio Exilim EX-Z85 This camera can still be called a reliable although in some of the selling price are perforce a low impact on the reduction of features.

Sensor: 1/2.5 inch 9.1 megapixel CCD
Lens: --
Zoom: 3x optical, 4x digital
Viewfinder: N / A
LCD Monitor: 2.6-inch wide TFT color LCD, 114,960 dots
Maximum APERTURE: F3.1 (W) to 5.9 (T)
Shutter Speed: 1 / 2 to 1 / 2000 sec.
White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Tungsten, Flourescent, Manual
Flash: Built-in with red-eye reduction
Shooting Modes: Continuous shooting (normal speed, high speed, rapid flash, zoom continuous)
Photo Effects: --
Storage Media: 41.2MB + Card slot for SD / SDHC / MMC / MMCplus
File Format: JPEG
Interfaces: USB / AV port
Dimensions: 89.7 (W) x 51.7 (H) x 19.0 (D) mm

Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro

Two big names that are still competing in the market and the keyboard is the Logitech Microsoft. Each trying to offer innovations that can be better to seize greater market share. One of the new Logitech Logitech cordless Desktop Wave Pro is. Some consider the advantages offered to give this product includes a bonus package in the mouse.

In theory, this product is a version of the Wave wireless products combined with the MX1100 laser mouse, and so make it a set of powerful input device. But of course it can not be determined only from the view specification only. Some factors such as value ergonomis, precision, and durability of batteries so that one of the factors that determine.

Weak point is usually a wireless mouse is the battery resistance. If you forget to recharge the battery, you may simply not be able to use this input peranti before the battery fully. One of the advantages offered Logitech try through this product is its ability to recharge the battery while your mouse is still using this peranti input. You connect the USB connection on the front of the charger or USB on your PC and you can continue your activities.

But of course you do not need to worry because the Logitech ensures that the contents of the process that goes back about seven hours, you can use this mouse for six full days. However, if the circumstances are forced, you can replace this battery with regular AA battery that is easily found in various places.

Unfortunately, the same features can not be found on his keyboard. But at least with two AA batteries, Logitech provides the warranty for three full years. Fortunately at this second peranti installed battery indicator so you can still prepare akan if using a mouse for this important event.

From the value ergonomis, both mouse and keyboard dipaket here are quite comfortable to use. In some parts such as the mouse or keyboard palm rest-coated material is flexible and can absorb sweat. Range button on the keyboard is also designed to the front of the curve, giving a more comfortable position on his hands when typing.

Moreover, with some shortcut buttons such as zoom and media control that is installed in parallel on the top left of the keyboard and the keyboard make this a more even keel. No wonder if Trusted Reviews gives the value 9 of 10 for this product.

Type: Wireless Keyboard
Conectivity: Laser
Keyboard Dimension: 16:54 x 9.84 x 1.81 inches
Mouse Dimension: 4.8 x 3:45 x 1.91 inche
Range: 10:05 meters
Mouse Resolution: up to 1600 dpi
Features: Hyper-Fast scrolling mouse MicroGear Precision, Adjustable (mouse) dpi laser engine, Stealth (mouse) thumb button, Ten Programmable mouse buttons, Cushioned palm rest, Long lasting battery life, 128-bit AES keyboard encryption

Dell Inspiron 1545

In the current crisis such as this, the products with competitive prices so sure incaran consumer notebook output as well as removed with the Dell Inspiron 1545 is the name. And as disconnected as budget product, clearly will not be too many interesting features to this product. However, if the price and features offered are comparable, not this product may not have the selling power is high enough.

View from the outside, Dell Inspiron 1545 is a normal visible-indeed indifferent. The front of the plain, and only narrowly visible Dell logo right in the middle of the front is visible. Unfortunately, finishing that Dell used in this product have a tendency to become 'magnet' for fingerprints and surface in a short period of time will look dirty. Parahnya again, finishing the same used on the inside of notabene more often in contact with the finger hands.

Symptoms first visible reduction features that excision is webcam facility which is tolerable in the days of the vital self connected like this now. But if you really need this feature, Dell still provide them with additional costs of around Rp500 thousand and are quite expensive to add only a 1.3 megapixel webcam.

Relieve a little of it is the quality of its casing that does not participate in a reduction of the impact. Bodi laptop-sized 15.6 inch screen feels solid enough and there is no easy broken like symptoms that often occur on the laptop from the budget class. The same thing also happened on the quality of the keyboard and touchpad it is quite convenient operation. If you intend to use this notebook for work, almost productivity can be ascertained that you will not go down.

Matter of offal, Inspiron 1545 is not too disappointing. At least prosesornya already using the Intel Core 2 Duo T5800-speed 2.0GHz. Work processor is the memory capacity supported the rather large. Most do not operate for most of the existing software, DDR2 RAM with a capacity of 3GB will not be running out of space but do not expect to be able to use this notebook to play games because the graphics card Intel GMA4500 default clearly can not do much.

Overall, the Dell Inspiron 1545 is actually not too bad.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5800
Memory: 3GB DDR2 RAM
Chipset: Intel GMA45 Express
VGA: Intel GMA4500
Screen: Glossy 15.6 "widescreen XGA (1366x768)
Hard Disk: 250GB SATA Hard Disk
Optical Drive: Dual layer DVD Super Multi Writer
Port: VGA, headphone, mic, USB, RJ45, card reader
Webcam: N / A
Wireless: Dell Wireless 1397 802.11g Mini-Card
Dimensions: 343.5 x 244 25.9 ~ 37.8mm

Sony Ericsson HCB-150

Sony Ericsson HCB-150 has the view that this brief and simple. With dimensions of 130 x 80 x 25mm, Bluetooth speakerphone can stick on the sun visor car without having to look too conspicuous. And this is also supported with the color black that makes it so impressive and easy-neutral 'integrates' with the car interior.

Sony Ericsson to provide the OLED display will show the telephone number you are contacting. This can change the screen orientation automatically when you play this position peranti. This feature makes this HCB-150 can be placed with some of the position without cause difficulty when reading the display screen.

Operation of this system is classified as a tool is quite simple and not complicate the user. Sony Ericsson Bluetooth provides a key-switch to switch between the five-slot connection is provided. After the pairing, this speakerphone can be used to call or receive calls using the voice features, as long as you use your phone supports this feature as well.

If you use a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, the HCB-150 is automatically synchronize with a list of phone numbers in your phone and can be displayed on the screen. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for mobile phones from other manufacturers. However, to simply display a telephone number that you call or contact you're HCB-150 is still capable.

HCB-150 uses two speakers and able to produce a sound loud enough and clear. Quality microphone is also quite good condition despite the noisy environment, the sound from the outside entrance and is still involved with the recipient's phone a bit. Not only that but the resistance of the battery is also a good speakerphone. This may not be separated from the HCB-150's ability to kill himself when the activity does not occur for more than 10 minutes.

In short, Bluetooth speakerphone output Sony Ericsson is really quite handal.Situs Good Gear Guide that had the speakerphone was also about the price that they consider too high despite of the many features that they do not say.

Type: Bluetooth Speakerphone
Display: OLED display
Range of operation: 10 meters
Headset Options: Answer Call, Call reject, Voice Dialling, Last Number Redial, Mute, Battery Indicator
Power Supply: rechargeable Battery
Talk time: Up to 1500 minutes
Stand-by: Up to 700 hours
Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 25mm

FujiFilm Finepix J15

Although the need to sacrifice some things, but FujiFilm Finepix J15 is quite commensurate with the price dipatok by the manufacturer. In addition, for the purpose of documentation that is not too private to the ability of a powerful camera, Finepix J15 is already quite adequate and very easily operated.

Overview of the view outside view, this camera does not look much different with the Finepix J10. Besides the physical resemblance, the specification of Finepix J15 is also not far different with the J10. For example, both the camera's sensor is the same-use the same sized CCD 1/2.5 inch, 8.2 megapixel. They also use a Fujinon lens with 3x optical zoom capability.

Can be spelled out, the only one that distinguishes this from J15 Finepix J10 is just the technology, face detection only. Indeed quite strange when Fujifilm technology without removing the J10 that is identical on this digital camera. And more strange, the second camera is sold with the same price in other words you get the bonus face detection without any additional cost sepeser.

Because identical with the J10, it can be 'disabled' is also the default camera is still the same brother that kembarnya. One of them is the phenomenon of over-sharpening and the loss of detail at high ISO settings. But once again, just for personal documentation, given the quality of this camera is still quite acceptable especially for the beginners who do not understand a matter of photography too.

Be pitied rather that it is the only sensor that has a 8.2 megapixel capability only. Currently, most consumers prefer that the number of pixels and more with the camera sensor in the top 10 megapixel any more so commonplace. If Fujifilm install sensors on the 10 megapixel values can be selling this camera so much higher even though the impact will participate in the selling price so much higher too.

As can be suspected, the quality of the camera captured this standard are also classified. Although the images look sharp, but in some areas with a complex blend of color have seen symptoms of color berbaur. Edge objects are likely to appear slightly jagged because of over-sharpening. Symptoms noise is also visible, especially when using ISO settings above ISO 400.

In short, if you're looking for a camera to immortalize a moment-a moment when the hang-out with family or friends and want to place it in a blog, Finepix J15 has been adequate as long as you do not intend to print in poster size.

Sensor: 1/2.5-inch CCD 8.2 million pixels
Lens: Fujinon 3x Optical zoom lens
Zoom: 3x optical, 5.1x digital
Viewfinder: N / A
LCD Monitor: 2.5-inch LCD
Maximum APERTURE: Wide Angle: F2.8 - F5.2
Shutter Speed: 8 sec. to 1 / 1500 sec.
White Balance: Automatic scene recognition. Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light)
Flash: Built-in with Red-eye reduction
Shooting Modes: Mode dial: Auto, Baby, Picture Stabilisation, Red-eye Reduction, Digital ZOOM, Portrait, SP (Scene Position), Movie. SP: Landscape, Sport, Night, Natural light, Beach, Snow, Fireworks, Sunset, Flower, Party, Museum, Text, Manual
Photo Effects: --
Storage Media: 16MB internal, SD, SDHC
File Format: JPEG
Interfaces: USB 2.0 HS; A / V (NTSC / PAL)
Dimensions: 91 (W) x 55 (H) x 19 (D) mm

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