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Friday, May 1, 2009

Car Tracking Tool

Of late motor vehicle theft increased. Data from the National Criminal detective for the Police Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia, the theft in 2005 increased more than twice the number of thefts in the previous year, to reach 45,316 cases. Meanwhile, from January to April 2006 only 8695 theft has occurred.

Prevention efforts are usually adopted by most car owners is to install an alarm. However, not infrequently with gang criminals dipersenjatai firearm, and to seize the car owner's vehicle. When you are so, your vehicle can be easily was, stripped, and the fix for re-sale in the regions far from the city.

To avoid this, a tool called Tramigo T21 is able to track the position of your vehicle. Portable vehicle tracking tool is the first released by a Finnish company, Tramigo, January, and already sold in Indonesia since two months ago.

Shape and size, such as piece burger. Thickness 4.5 centimeters, 9.3 centimeters berdiameter, with the weight only 150 grams. T21 can be installed on the car dashboard, but more often are placed in hidden places, like under the car seat.

To turn it on, it must be input to the source of electricity from a battery or car battery connected to a battery backup (included in the sales package), which each lasted for approximately dicas it can survive up to two days.

In addition to tracking the position of the vehicle, T21 can tell when the vehicle engine is turned on or you're a tool peminta help in emergency situations. He also serves as the recorder can track a vehicle passed by us, give us a warning when exceed the speed limit is specified, or a warning when the vehicle acceleration to excessive speed.

This technology using global positioning system (GPS) and network operating throughout the global system for mobile communication (GSM). He certainly did not involve a third party telecommunications or service, you only need a SIM card (from any operator), to communicate with GSM mobile phone owner of a vehicle, which has been measuring 8 megabita software.

To find out the position, speed, and direction of your vehicle, Tramigo software provides features in the Find menu. When we select the feature, in a flash, the screen will give you the text message about the speed, direction, and the existence of our car.

To make it as a warning, we must enable the T21 features Ignition, by typing, "Iginition, on". When we park the vehicle in a place, and the vehicle was stolen, when the vehicle engine switched on, akan T21 mobile phone to send a message to us.

If we want to record the path of vehicles that we skip, we also need to activate the Journey to the T21 mobile phone through us. Then, automatically, a tool that will record the coordinates-the coordinates for the position every 20 seconds, or half a minute (can be changed in accordance with the selection).

Well, in emergency situations, such as a car accident, this tool can be used to send messages automatically request assistance, to four the number of GSM we want. Easy to do, stay and press a button on the side of the T21 for two seconds. For each text before the exchange of information, good credit and credit T21 phone will be reduced in accordance with the cost of short messages (SMS) apply.

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