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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Will Computers Cars have virus ..?

The development of this second car to run very fast. Start of construction, testing, to slide on the road, the car is not released from the touch of a computerized system. ECU system of the car was indeed include a mini computer. Then if the computer system on the car can fell ill as the virus often occur in the notebook, PC (Personal Computer), PDAs and even mobile phone?

During a secret anymore, this is not a virus can easily damage the data on the computer, both located in the hard disk or network system. Damage caused can be fatal, in addition to missing important data, the hardware has also damaged. Can be when the virus attacks the car seberat two tons or more that are currently running, suddenly lost all control functions. Threat of fatal accidents can occur.

As from Russia
Start the car can be a concern fell ill virus would occur in 2005. When the multiple sites such as,, and proclaim incentive analysis Eugene Kaspersky, Head of IT Kaspersky Lab Researchers from Russia revealed that the navigation system on the Lexus are very prone to virus fell ill. He emphasized the virus can come from the car Bluetooth ™ mobile phone. Virus that can attack on car navigation systems, especially the type Lexus LX470, LS430, and Land Cruiser 100.

Despite already have anti-virus software, Kaspersky did not want to hurry to install the system. He has not been a good time. "We will not hurry, because sooner or later will be many cars that the onboard computer and a lot of hackers will be interested to attack, so the virus will develop the car in various types," yakinnya.

Kaspersky said the GPS navigation system is very easy to attack. If this does not prevent the manufacturer of the automobile, its impact is very chilling. "Some of the features that are on the phone would be frightening. Try to imagine if this attack onboard computer in the car dashboard, "the message.

Toyota Sangkal virus Cabir
Analysis of the Kaspersky virus called Cabir that car, get a serious reaction from the Lexus. Even as Toyota parent company considers it must be proved. From the results of the research conducted, Cabir can not attack the computer navigation system on the car. The reason for the basic navigation operating system is very different from the mobile phone. "So far, only a estimation and up to now Kaspersky can not show evidence of accurate Cabir virus that has attacked the Lexus," said Toyota spokesman.

Toyota also added a difference in the operating system that cause the virus Cabir will not move. "Operating system on mobile phone use while Symbian Windows-based car navigation. So impossible ignites, "these tangkis spokesman.

Apart from the warning Kaspersky or business behind the effort is, hopefully it will be the appearance of virus analisanya car does not become reality until whenever.


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