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Friday, April 24, 2009

Kingston DataTraveler 150

Kingston is a name synonymous with product USB flash disk. From some of the product during this circulating in the market, products, Kingston is one of the reliable both in terms of quality, performance and additional features too. And a matter of reputation, product DataTraveler 150 is still a good hold on the reputation of the Kingston.

View from the specification data, this product is quite amazing. The first is clearly the capacity ditawarkannya store. Kingston DataTraveler 150 is offered in two capacities: 32GB and 64GB. And see the price of this product, if the count value is calculated so very competitive when compared with other products.

Indeed, when viewing the price banderolnya, so you can feel that this product is quite expensive. Kingston install prices of U.S. $ 135 for the 64GB capacity. This value is approximately equal to the value of Rp 1,500,000. But when you see the capacity, the value of this product is only about Rp 23 thousand per gigabyte it is. Quite cheap right?

Other features that make this product so is considered reasonable speed transfer of assets. The average write speed of flash disk is about 10.63 megabytes per second while the speed bacanya about 28 megabytes per second. Data DataTraveler 150 makes this product so one flash disk with a capacity jumbo that has a high transfer rate.

Perhaps that is a bit unfortunate not disediakannya facilities that are usually provided encryption products thrown to the business market. Happens, you perforce have to look for alternative software to do this job security. Indeed, so quite a bit and making perforce you must always carry encryption software in the flash disk you.

Overall, this Kingston product output is considered reasonable considering the comparison between the selling price and the capacity ditawarkannya. Of course you should be risk averse explore their own encryption software. Good Gear Guide the opportunity to make a review of this product provides a value of 5 + 4 stars provided. This site also does not complain about the default disediakannya because encryption software can be spelled out is the device that must have saved on the media that is easily carried but easily lost this.

Type: USB Flash Disk
Capacity: 32GB, 64GB
Dimensions: 77.9 x 22 mm x 12:05
Use temperature: 0 º C-60 º C
Storage Temperature: -20 º C-85 º C
Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows ReadyBoost, Windows XP (SP1, SP2), Windows 2000 (SP4), Mac OS X v.10.3.x +, Linux + v.2.6.x

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