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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mi2001 Memorex Clock Radio

Memorex claims that this product offers more than just a normal iPod Dock. This may be correct when viewed from the side view. However, when viewing the features and functions offered, Mi2001 Memorex Clock Radio is not much different with the iPod Dock products of others. The only one that distinguishes Mi2001 Memorex Clock Radio with iPod Dock products is just another design only. The use of cup-like shape such as this are not quite common for an iPod Dock to use the most basic form of a cube. But on the other hand this design also has a loss because of space needed to put Mi2001 be more knowledgeable. iPod Dock and speakers are placed at the top of this product while on the front of the room filled with large LCD display with blue backlight. LCD size is large enough benefit because you can easily read from a distance far enough. But on the other hand, can also disrupt this so if you intend to listen to music while waiting in the dark come drowsiness. Fortunately you still be possible to turn off the LCD backlight is. Peranti this way the operation was quite easy to understand, so no need for special understanding of how work can understand this iPod Dock. Lack of a button may be a little less friendly. Need a little extra energy to be able to activate the functions of this peranti via the buttons provided. So presumably it's easier to operate if this peranti via a remote control that has been provided. Mi2001 this supports all type of iPod that use standard connectors, including iPod touch model, classic, nano, video, photo and mini. When you use the resources with the electricity situation in the iPod is connected peranti then this will automatically recharge iPod batteries. However, if you do not find the source of power, the two AAA batteries can be used instead. From the sound quality, a product that is not too satisfactory. There are 15 volume levels, but when you menaikkannya more than level 10, then the speaker neodymium used here start removing the distortion. Overall, the sound tended to channel the light and feel the bass and treble channel. Unfortunately again you can not change this setting because it provides no Memorex Equalizer to this product. In short, this product can be spelled out only for the standard size of an iPod Dock. Nothing too special from this one product.


Type: Speaker system with digital player Dock

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Speaker: Four neodymium speakers

Compatibility: iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod photo, iPod, iPod mini

Connectivity: 30-pin Dock connector, Line-in jack to connect other digital audio devices Accessories: Wireless remote with clip, AC power adapter

Features: Digital FM radio, Clock function with sleep timer, alarm clock function

Dimension: 171.45 x 187.96 x 57.15 mm

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