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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Toshiba SD-P91SKY

See the shape, can not be ascertained that there is a Toshiba SD-P91SKY this is actually the portable DVD player. With this design, the first terlintas clearly is not the tablet PC and portable DVD players. And although not offering a high resolution, but some of the features carried SD-P91SKY this simply increase the value of selling this product.

Views outside the SD-P91SKY are visible solid. The entire body is made of brushed metal and with the finishing touch of chrome in some places. When compared with most similar products, this one is quite large and heavy. But on the other hand, the large size of this benefit is also distinctive because of the manufacturer to install the battery with a larger capacity and can provide power up to five hours more.

Design similar tablet PC also has a distinctive advantage. 9 incinya area of the screen can be folded and peranti disc DVD player is so easy to take-take. Good again, you need not feel peranti this difficult position because the screen can be clearly regulated in accordance with the purposes, even when you put it on the lap.

That it is quite strange format screen. When most of the product later this dilansir already using wide-screen format, which would use this resolution 640 x 220 pixels. Result, there are few defects on the display screen format adjustments due to this. Fortunately, the color is quite accurate for the size of portable DVD players. Advantages of this screen is viewing angle is wide enough so that there is no trouble even though you use it for watching DVDs with friends.

At the bottom of the screen there are some control buttons to operate the peranti this. However, if you want to access all functions of SD-P91SKY this, perforce you must use the remote control is included in the sales package. But the most interesting of this product may be on the plus USB connectivity so you can play your media file collection with this product.

In short, this product offers the features the rather interesting although the quality of the screen is not too good.

Type: Portable DVD Player
Screen Size: 9 inches (640 x 220 pixels)
Compatibility: DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD VR format -R/-RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-Audio, DivX, JPEG
Connection: A / V, USB 2.0, Digital Output, headphone
Dimensions: 267 x 34 x 180mm

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