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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gecko Soundbase

iPod Dock made in Australia are not offering such a fantastic design offered Logic3 or Memorex. But a matter of function, Gecko Soundbase this could simply be an alternative when choosing a product iPod Dock, as long as you do not demand quality audio is truly satisfying. Views simple design that does not mean this directly Soundbase bad. The entire surface of the iPod Dock dibalut this jet black color and gave the impression neutral so that you can put in between the furniture in your home without a conspicuous visible or disrupt. There are two speakers plus two tweeter installed on this iPod Dock. Fourth protected behind cover that is also black. iPod Dock placed at the bottom and can digeser out when needed. Benefits, when not in use, this can be encouraged Dock entrance and view the entire product will look more clean. Unfortunately Dock construction is somewhat less robust, and you must be careful that the plug is not quickly broken. This is rather strange because the construction of this product as a whole is actually quite solid. Include a remote control on an audio product that is so something must at this time. And for that matter, Soundbase this tool provides a remote control with a view that is also simple. Because not many buttons, the operation of the remote control so this is quite convenient because the distance between the keys is quite far apart. Not like most products in the iPod Dock, with the remote control you can control most functions of the iPod without having to access the iPod it directly. Other features are also installed in this product are radio FM / AM audio jack and 3.5 mm-sized so you can connect a sound source other than the iPod with this Soundbase. But that is a bit awkward not have an alarm function that is usually always available on the product of this nature. This feels awkward because the LED screen that is placed here also display a time. From the quality, Soundbase is not far different with most products iPod Dock circulating in the market. Bass sound is submerged and the overall sound is dominated by middle and top of the canal. Fortunately, in high volume, the sound is not so broken.


Type: Speaker system with digital player Dock

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Number of speakers: 4

Audio Type: Stereo

Speaker Type: Front Speaker

Dimensions: 320 x 108 x 188mm

Weight: 1600 gr

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