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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kodak EasyShare M1063

Ease of use is one of the value of this camera. That is quite reasonable because of the Kodak camera to remove the market for consumer beginners or those who do not want to direpotkan with manual settings on the camera. The result is not too bad, although it may be satisfactory for the call is also quite difficult. There is no manual or program mode on this Kodak EasyShare M1063. Instead, Kodak provides 17 presets that can be selected in accordance with the conditions or the desired effect. Display the interface that is used this camera also quite simple and not complicate the user that is not too early to understand the camera problem. Order-button keypad is easy to understand and is also equipped with a clear label. Although only mode provides auto and manual settings do not allow, but the image quality captured in auto mode this is still quite reliable. Results are not shooting too bright and sharp but still in the limit that can be tolerated. Benefits, with the quality of the 10 megapixel sensor, image results catapult this camera is quite 'big' and will not be making if you intend to manipulate the image with the editor software such as Photoshop. In conditions of adequate lighting, Kodak EasyShare M1063 this can work well even though there are few symptoms of chromatic aberration. Unfortunately, the performance began to decline when the camera is used in the minimal light conditions. Without adequate lighting, noise start to appear and display the image as a whole. Use the default camera flash light is not this too can help because the distance is very limited coverage. Although there is no manual settings, but if just doing the only ISO, Kodak still allow. In the ISO between 64 and 160, the image quality is quite good while above, the noise began to appear. However, if you intend to give effect to the artistic playground noise, this camera offers ISO settings up to 1000. Some standard features such as pocket camera face detection and blur reduction ditanamkan also have a pocket camera on this one. In short, if you only look for a camera to make a documentation of specific events and do not expect too brilliant image quality, convenience offered by Kodak camera output is indeed quite interesting. Does not provide the manual settings and the picture quality is not too satisfactory.


Sensor: 1 / 2.33 in. CCD (10 megaixel)

Lenses: 32-96 mm (35 mm equiv.)

Zoom: 3X optical, 5X digital

Viewfinder: N / A

LCD Monitor: 2.7 inches LCD

Maximum APERTURE: f/2.8-f/5.1

Shutter Speed: 4-1/1400 sec.

White Balance: auto, semi-auto (daylight, tungsten, Fluorescent, open shade)

Flash: Built-in with red-eye reduction

Shooting Modes: auto, SCN, video, landscape, blur reduction, high ISO, close-up

Photo Effects: -- S

torage Media: 16 MB + SD / SDHC card expansion slot

File Format: JPEG / EXIF v2.21

Interfaces: USB, A / V output

Dimensions: 91 × 57 × 21 mm

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