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Friday, April 24, 2009

Panasonic HDC-SD20-K

The amateur will be very clear with a breakthrough like that provided by Panasonic camcorder HDC is given the name-SD20-K this. How not, when this feature is enabled then it will notify you when there are procedures or settings that are less precise. Conversely, of course, this feature will make the very people who are using the camcorder.

Panasonic calls this feature Ai Shooting Guide function gives tips and instructions via the display or a warning and advice on the LCD screen. This feature will help the user create a new course with a camcorder in order to adapt them not to make too many mistakes. Of course you can turn off this function when you just know the basic principles of the camcorder and no longer need the help of this feature.

Because the market for beginners, clearly not many advanced features that are placed on this camcorder. But you need not too worried because with the features that brought this camcorder you can produce a video recording with high definition quality. But when compared with other Panasonic camcorder that fit in this category, Panasonic HDC-SD20-K is indeed has some shortages.

For instance, on this camcorder, there is no microphone jack, manual lens ring or viewfinder. Sensornya still use CMOS-sized 1 / 6 inches and not 3MOS as in the HD-SD100. The result is clearly not akan as well as on the HD-SD100 especially when used in dim light conditions. Results recorded in the light conditions the light is also not too good even though on the other hand is not satisfactory to call presumably also less precise.

Although the selling price of this camcorder is not too expensive but can still install a Panasonic optical image stabilisation and the LCD is equipped with touch screen features. From the LCD screen of 2.7 inches this is the menu you can access from this camcorder. You can set the white balance, speed and Exposure SHUTTER menu via the touch screen is responsive enough.

Of course there are always to be sacrificed when a product released with a quite affordable price. Quality of the camcorder body is slightly less good. This is also the dikeluhkan by Good Gear Guide, although in the end this site remains high because of the features that are brought to the posted price (U.S. $ 550 million ).

Sensor: 1 / 6 inches CMOS (1.47 megapixel)
Lens: Leica Dicomar
Zoom: 16x optical, 100x digital
Storage Media: SD / SDHC Card
Video Recording Modes: HA (17 Mbps / VBR), HG (13 Mbps / VBR), HX (9 Mbps / VBR), HE (6 Mbps / VBR)
Interfaces: AV Output, DC In, Component Video Output, HDMI Output, USB 2.0
Dimensions: 69 x 64 x 128mm

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