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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720

Search for products Bluetooth headset that's easy-so easy. Many products that circulate in the market but not many that offer design and make it interesting enough to be at once a captivating accessories. One of the products that successfully meet these criteria is the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720 this. Not too large in size and design is also quite interesting. The better, sound quality is also not disappointing. Shapes are simple and not far different products with similar outstanding. With dimensions of 69 x 16 x 10 mm and weight about 10 grams only, this product is to be one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets on the market. Interestingly, the Sony Ericsson includes three cover that can be changed according to changing tastes so you can make the HBH-PV720 as accessories. HBH-PV720 use ear bud design. Unfortunately, the construction of ear-bud is a bit too large and difficult to be able to 'sit' with the keel in the ear. As a result, the Bluetooth headset is so easy to quit when used without the ear hook. The solution is you should use one of two ear hook included in the sales package. Sony Ericsson provides a power button, volume button and to receive or end the discussion at this HBH-PV720. System operation is quite simple. Pairing process is not making life too because users only need to activate the power button and the gadget is already on the position of pairing mode. After this pairing process, the call will work according to the way you press this button. For instance if you press this button once then he will recognize this as the process of receiving or end a phone conversation while when you press this button twice in succession then it will access the last number of your contact. From the sound quality, HBH-PV720 is quite satisfactory. Good sound that is sent or received loud and clear enough even though there is still a little distortion going. Bluetooth headset is also equipped with features that automatically adjust the volume according to the level of noise in the surrounding areas. Feasible if the Good Gear Guide provides a high rating on the product being sold with the price of U.S. $ 75, or around Rp 800 thousands this. This site also gives more value to the resistance of the battery is good.


Type: Bluetooth Headset

Operation range: Up to 10 meters

Talk Time: Up to 660 minutes

Stand-by Time: Up to 800 hours

Dimension: 69 x 16 x 0 mm

Weight: 10 gr

Interface: Bluetooth

Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 2.0

Other features: Answer Call, Call reject, Call Waiting, Voice Dialling, Last Number Redial, Mute, Battery Indicator

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