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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Canon S10

Although not the only players in the fields camcorder, but the Canon is still considered adequate. And as if do not want to lag with other manufacturers, Canon back in the release of new products that give their name LEGRIA. One of five new products that are so Canon is the Canon S10 is LEGRIA HF.

As can be suspected, HF LEGRIA Canon S10 uses flash-based media store and is able to record video in high definition quality. Canon install the default memory of 32GB that can still be improved with more to install an external memory card of this type of SDHC. By default only your memory is still possible to record a video for three hours in a maximum quality.

But the most interesting is probably the sensornya. It seems that Canon did not want to lose out with the Panasonic install three sensors measuring 1 / 4 inches on the high definition camcorder product is, and mencangkokkan CMOS sensor size 1 / 2, 6 with a 8.59 megapixel resolution in this HF S10. When used for recording video, the camcorder will use approximately 6.01 megapixel resolution and a new resolution will use the maximum recording time to take the form of images.

With the specification offered perforce consumers expect certain features that are interesting. And it is understood that Canon provides advanced features that can be accessed through the joystick on the left side of the LCD screen it. One of which is quite interesting is a feature called digital telephoto. This feature utilizes the excess resolution sensors to make digital zooming without using interpolation technique.

But despite mengusung new features, HF LEGRIA Canon S10 is also still a defect of the product before. For example, the lens does not disediakannya ring to set the focus manually. Canon Instead the play button to install one of its more or less the same. Concerning the quality of the recordings, HF LEGRIA Canon S10 is indeed reliable. Recording the results seen clear and sharp even though the light began to dim conditions.

In normal lighting conditions, Canon S10 HF LEGRIA almost can not be distinguished with the competitors, Panasonic HDC-HS300. However, in the dim light conditions, Canon uses a sensor seems the approach is superior from Panasonic that uses three sensors. Not surprising if Trusted Reviews recommend this camcorder even though they had complained about the selling price is high enough.

Sensor: 1/2.6 "CMOS (8.59 megapixel)
Lens: --
Zoom: 10x optical, 200x digital
Storage Media: 32GB + SDHC card slot
Video Recording Modes: LP mode, Progressive shooting mode, image mode Cine, Video Snapshot, Dual Shot, Pre REC
Interfaces: headphone, microphone, USB, Direct Print, AV, Component, HDMI, Built-in charger
Dimensions: 70 x 69 x 136mm
Official Site:

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