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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sony Ericsson HCB-150

Sony Ericsson HCB-150 has the view that this brief and simple. With dimensions of 130 x 80 x 25mm, Bluetooth speakerphone can stick on the sun visor car without having to look too conspicuous. And this is also supported with the color black that makes it so impressive and easy-neutral 'integrates' with the car interior.

Sony Ericsson to provide the OLED display will show the telephone number you are contacting. This can change the screen orientation automatically when you play this position peranti. This feature makes this HCB-150 can be placed with some of the position without cause difficulty when reading the display screen.

Operation of this system is classified as a tool is quite simple and not complicate the user. Sony Ericsson Bluetooth provides a key-switch to switch between the five-slot connection is provided. After the pairing, this speakerphone can be used to call or receive calls using the voice features, as long as you use your phone supports this feature as well.

If you use a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, the HCB-150 is automatically synchronize with a list of phone numbers in your phone and can be displayed on the screen. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for mobile phones from other manufacturers. However, to simply display a telephone number that you call or contact you're HCB-150 is still capable.

HCB-150 uses two speakers and able to produce a sound loud enough and clear. Quality microphone is also quite good condition despite the noisy environment, the sound from the outside entrance and is still involved with the recipient's phone a bit. Not only that but the resistance of the battery is also a good speakerphone. This may not be separated from the HCB-150's ability to kill himself when the activity does not occur for more than 10 minutes.

In short, Bluetooth speakerphone output Sony Ericsson is really quite handal.Situs Good Gear Guide that had the speakerphone was also about the price that they consider too high despite of the many features that they do not say.

Type: Bluetooth Speakerphone
Display: OLED display
Range of operation: 10 meters
Headset Options: Answer Call, Call reject, Voice Dialling, Last Number Redial, Mute, Battery Indicator
Power Supply: rechargeable Battery
Talk time: Up to 1500 minutes
Stand-by: Up to 700 hours
Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 25mm

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